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In response to: Weight Loss Results for Monday 3/12/12

Richard Reeves [Visitor] ·
First of all, 'Diva, you are doing a great job. Keep up the great work. I will keep following your progress. Very impressive!

Kim, I wouldn't get too caught up with the numbers as long as you are improving your fitness and/or nutrition. The inches are the most and your overall look and feel are the most important things. The scale is an evil thing and does not tell the entire story.
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In response to: Weight Loss Results for Monday 3/12/12

Kim Pye [Visitor]
I have no secret my weight loss is pretty slow in my opinion.

Tell me what your secret is... I am 46 yrs old, 5 ft tall 173 lbs, i am lossing inches. But only 2 lbs in a month..
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In response to: Three Weeks On JUDD

LowCarbDiva [Member] ·
The down days vary but I do like that I can eat what I want on the up days.

The pancakes are better than the real thing IMHO.
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In response to: Three Weeks On JUDD

Sara [Visitor] ·
So you are liking the JUDDD plan? I tried it before and I had success with it, but just didn't really like the down days, I mean who does? haha

I will have to try this pancake recipe, looks delish!

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In response to: 4 Days on JUDD and Starting to Like It...

LowCarbDiva [Member] ·
I am hoping it gets and keeps the scale moving for me also.

I just don't have the time to wait and lose only 2 pounds every few months. That to me is not progress.

I also like that no foods are off limits and that you can eat a lot every other day. On Atkins I would have to be hungry every single day to try and slowly drop the weight.

on JUDD I am a little hungry one day and satisfied the next day.
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In response to: 4 Days on JUDD and Starting to Like It...

gharkness [Visitor] ·
It's amazing how the appetite-suppressing kicks in after just a couple of DD's, isn't it?

I keep asking myself "where has this plan been all these years...and why didn't I know about it?"

I have a feeling that JUDDD is pretty heretical to most veteran low carbers, but it has got the scale moving for me, when nothing else would! I just LOVE it!
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In response to: Starting a New Plan Today January 16th

LowCarbDiva [Member] ·
I would say I was having under 30 carbs a day and this is not deducting fiber. Protein I had to cut and was having 2 oz for breakfast, 3 ounce for lunch and dinner and fat was up there about 60% of the calories.

I was hungry all the time and no amount of fat was going to do the trick. I mean how much lower on protein could I have gone?

I seem to be one of those people who needs to really cut the calories to lose weight and I just could not deal with being hungry everyday.

At least on JUDD I get to only diet half the time and the other half I can eat whatever I want. It is calorie restriction but not everyday.

I will be posting Monday about my first week of JUDD so stay tuned....
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In response to: Starting a New Plan Today January 16th

Peter [Visitor]
In your LCHF eating, how much calories were from carbs, protein and fat? Did you track it via a daily diary? How long did you stay on and off the plan?
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In response to: Calorie Cycling

J.R. [Visitor]
What exactly is calorie cycling? How would that apply to Atkins?

Basically making sure you vary your calories with high and low days during the week.
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In response to: Fall Is In The Air

Seneca [Visitor]
Atkins is a very hard diet to live by. I give you my encouragements!! Low carb low cal is the only way to go!!
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In response to: A Six Pound Whoosh! Now At 190 Pounds

Melanie Lewis [Visitor]
Low carb cole slaw? do tell!
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In response to: Weight Loss for the Week and My Hair is Falling Out

Erika Steele [Visitor] ·
This too has happened to me. I freaked as well. Then I thought to myself well I rather be skinny with no hair (I figured I can put on a wig if it gets too bad) than fat with hair. I know crazy logic but that's how I looked at it. I wasn't taking my supplements like I should and now I make it a point to take it everyday. So we will see how things go. Good luck on your weight loss journey!
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In response to: Slow Progress Once Again

Erica [Visitor] ·
Try giving up at least wheat? That helped me.
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In response to: Friday Night Carb Smackdown - Ate Pizza and Cheese Bread

Erica [Visitor] ·
Well, I'm with you! I don't eat grains any more, and am not even tempted (much) because I finally lost the belly bloat and don't want it back, along with my joint pain. I also dropped 25 pounds in 6 weeks, eating lots of butter, lard, and fatty meats.
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In response to: Weight Loss for the Week and My Hair is Falling Out

LowCarbDiva [Member] ·
I try and keep my carbs at 30-50 but I really don't bother counting. I am sure some days it is higher and other days lower.
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In response to: Weight Loss for the Week and My Hair is Falling Out

Lynn D [Visitor]
In the late 70s, early 80s, I remember reading about this woman who did extremely well on the Atkins plan. She was wanting to lose some extra weight before a holiday with her family in another state so she cut her carbs down to next to nothing. She ended up having handfuls of hair start falling out. She went off her low carb eating plan for the week while visiting. She ate lots and lots of vegetables, cornbread, and some food like that. When she came back, she went to the doctor. She had actually lost weight, her hair was shining and her skin was glowing.
What the doctor said was she had cut back on carbs so much that her body started breaking down protein for energy which caused her hair to start falling out and breaking off. Sometimes you can cut your carbs back too much. Maybe you need to add a little more veggies or carbs for a few days to help balance things some.
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In response to: Weight Loss for the Week and My Hair is Falling Out

Barbara [Visitor] ·
Oh, hair loss is such a pain when losing weight. Biotin is a great help for that. Also seems to make my nails grow like crazy too. Best wishes to you!
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In response to: Weight Loss for the Week and My Hair is Falling Out

Sharon [Visitor]
Very common for low-carb folks to ramp up shedding for a period of time. I freaked when my hair started falling out. It started about 3-4 months into my diet, and lasted for about 4 months. Now everything is back to normal (even though I am still low carb) and my hair is once again growing well and in the best shape ever. It's distressing, but it will stop eventually!
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In response to: Weight Loss for the Week and My Hair is Falling Out

Stacy [Visitor] ·
Thanks for following us on Twitter! I haven't had that experience, I've heard of it when people have bypass because of malabsorption - sounds like you're getting good fat and veggies, though so not sure?
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In response to: Finally After 5 Months and 7 Days I Made It To Onederland

Haggus [Visitor]
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