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Do Those Last 1-2 Pounds Really Matter?

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February 28, 2012

Do Those Last 1-2 Pounds Really Matter?

I have read on numerous weight loss blogs about people struggling to lose that last 1-2 pounds to get to their ideal or goal weight. They obsess over this number and do not even give themselves credit for the 30, 50, or even 100 pounds they have already lost.

After all the weight loss does not count if you can't get to that set number in your head. I have spent over half of my life dieting and trying to lose weight.

Every time I think I have it down and will succeed this time. Something happens and I gain some weight back or go off my diet.

Personally I am tired of beating myself up because one day out of 30 I decided to eat a sleeve of cookies or eat enough calories for 4 days instead of 1 day.

I am slowly learning that perfectionism is not only impossible but setting unrealistic standards also leads to weeks of overeating rather than just one meal or one day of overeating.

My self worth will not be based on a number on the scale. After all once the weight is lost I will still be the same person I was on the inside, just a thinner, smaller version. All those insecurities, negative thoughts, etc will still be there no matter what the number on the scale reads.

Let's work on our insides at the same time we are working on making our outward appearance more normal.

Life should not start at your goal weight. It goes by too fast and sometimes takes too long to reach. I am living proof of 30 years and I am still not at my ideal number on the scale.

So if you are obsessed that you are still 1-2 pounds away from your goal, why not just call goal for now and focus on maintaining your weight for a few months. Live your life and then decide if those last couple of pounds are really that important.


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