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My Two Week JUDD Update

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January 30, 2012

Sorry I did not post a weekly update on the 23rd like promised but I have been dealing with health issues of my own and back issues with DH.

So today marks two full weeks doing JUDD. I am pleased to report that I am down to 190 pounds. The scale I have is not digital so I have to really look at the numbers to see what I weigh and I think I was more than the 195 I posted when I started JUDD. But I will take the 5 pounds and in two more weeks we shall see if the magic of JUDD will continue.

So here is some basics about how I am eating....

Follow up:

Today is a DD (down day) and that means I am eating 500 calories or less. My true DD number based on current weight is 380 but I am not sure I am ready to go quite that low yet. UD (up days) are 1902 and I go a little under that to make up for keeping the DD calories a bit higher.

DD's are not too bad. I do not like being hungry but it makes it tolerable because I know I can eat like a queen the next day.

Food wise I have upped the carbs but will for the most part stay away from wheat as I don't want to elevate my blood sugar too much. Hubby did make some homemade rolls last week and for breakfast we had sausage and egg muffins. They were so good. This week I tried coconut flour biscuits which were good but not as tasty as real bread.

Tomorrow I will feast on egg and sausage biscuits (homemade), sweet potato fries, hamburgers, Greek salad and more. Yum!

Eating this way has really made me mindful of calories and I now realize why I got so fat. There really are a lot of calories in one Little Debbie, serving of chocolate, etc and I would eat the entire bag or box and have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Although I can eat whatever I want on JUDD I am finding that I choose not to because I do not want to eat less for lunch or dinner and I do not want to go over my UD calorie limits since I am nowhere near goal yet.

I am realizing that to lose weight on Atkins I would have to restrict my calories to around 1100 or 1200 a day and be relatively hungry all the time. As it was I had reduced my protein to 3 ounces per meal and still I was stuck.

This way I only have the calorie restriction half the time.


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