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The First One Is Always Free - How I Resisted Godiva Chocolates

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October 10, 2011 Day 20

Did a little shopping at the mall over the weekend with hubby and ventured into the Godiva chocolate store. Yes sometimes I like to torture and tempt myself by looking at things I won't or can't eat. And those chocolates are no exception.

The store smelled nothing like chocolate. In fact there were no delicious candy smells at all. Perhaps they should invest in a machine that pumps a chocolate smell in the store.

The candy looked delicious and the clerk sauntered over to my husband and me with a big smile on her face and said we have free samples of dark chocolate.

It was almost like she was a drug pusher peddling a bite size piece of deliciousness. A free sample of dark chocolate. What could be the harm in just taking one?

She looked at us expectantly waiting for our formerly chubby fingers to grab a sample. Once we tasted it she knew we would be hooked.

We both thought about it for a few seconds and actually considered each taking just one of the shiny blue wrapped chocolates. After all what could it possibly hurt just this one time? But then our senses quickly returned and we smiled, said "No Thank You" and left the clerk with a surprised look on her face.

How could two fat people say NO to her fancy wrapped Free chocolate samples.

Of course what she did not know is that these two people while still fat were working their butts off for the past 7 months to lose weight and had lost weight. No way were we going to stop the progress we had made. Besides why have Godiva when we can have our Lindt 90% Chocolate!


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