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Maybe People Should Not Eyeball Their Portions

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Maybe People Should Not Eyeball Their Portions
October 10, 2010

In a world where portion size has gotten out of control. Perhaps it is a good idea to weigh and measure when you are trying to lose weight.

You may be shocked to learn that those restaurant portions are double and sometimes triple a normal serving size. If you have been eyeballing your meat servings you may want to consider investing in a food scale to see how much you are actually eating. The results may surprise you and make that 10 inch dinner plate look rather sparse. Seriously after weighing six ounces of meat the portion looks laughable.

Losing weight is hard enough as it is but so is thinking you are eating all the right things while the scale refuses to budge. If you have been stuck at a plateau or worse keep gaining weight, you may want to consider weighing and measuring your food.

Follow up:

It is pretty quick and easy to slap that steak on your digital scale or take a tablespoon and measure your salad dressing before putting on your salad. The butter is even pre-portion into tablespoon servings so that one is even less painful. Cheese cut off the block should be throen in the scale. For shredded cheese 1/4 cup is a one ounce serving. Veggies I don't bother with. Please don't shoot me! Seriously you could have 20 cups of romaine lettuce and the carb count really won't be as bad calorie wise as 20 cups of olive oil, butter, cheese or nuts.

So let's get measuring on the more calorically dense items and eat reasonable amounts of the low carb veggies we love. With only 12 weeks left in 2010 let's make this a time to lose weight rather than pack on the pounds during the holidays.



Comment from: TJ [Visitor]
I would measure, but it is so much easier to just eat as much as I want until I feel full. I also like to drink lots of diet soda and of course love those low carb snack bars. Should I be eating the whole box at one sitting?
10/09/10 @ 17:36
Comment from: LowCarbDiva [Member] Email · http://www.lowcarbdiva.com
TJ you should be taking your weight loss a little more seriously. Unless of course you really are not ready yet to lose weight. In that case eat the entire box of low carb bars. It is after all your body. I would cut out the frankenfood, diet soda and stop whining about weighing and measuring. Also eating until you feel full is not a weight management tool.
10/09/10 @ 17:45

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